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How To Protect Your Dog From Joint Pains

How To Protect Your Dog From Joint Pains

Joint paints can be crippling at the best of times. Individuals who struggle with arthritis and other rheumatoid disorders often describe their pains at a loss of freedom. Regardless of what they had planned to do with the day when the pain radiates through their body, they are unable to carry on their initial plan. They are often forced to stay in bed, strapped by the pain as if by million of tiny ropes keeping them immobile. Some even go as far as to describe the experience as being held in hostage by their own body. Indeed, joint pain is an often misunderstood situation that can be agonizing and distressful. But people can thankfully open up about their condition and talk about it. Your dog, however, doesn’t have this chance. As a pet owner, you can take preventive measures to protect your animal from the excruciating pain of arthritis.  A cozy dog bed.\


Your dog needs comfort

You wouldn’t want to sleep on a worn-out mattress in the middle of a poorly insulated bedroom. Because you are aware of how your comfort can affect your health, you wouldn’t put up with an awkward situation when you can change it. Your dog requires a similar level of comfort to maintain his or her joints. Like you can find a high-quality mattress for your bed, you can look for a memory foam dog bed to help your furry friend rest at night. A bed would not only keep your pet protected from the cold floor — which can affect the joints health – but it also guarantees a safe position. Additionally, be aware of the temperature in your house. Don't let the dog sleep in a room without heating as it could lead to sore articulations in his old days.


Don’t let your dog get cold

Cold temperatures play a significant role in your joint health. Keeping short-haired dogs warm in winter is detrimental to prevent arthritis – and yes, it means you need to buy a jumper for your pet. Additionally, you need to be aware of how a simple outdoors walk can transform into a risk factor for degenerative joints. A dog that has been exposed to cold temperature without protection is likely to develop joint discomfort over time, such as slowing down when walking – to avoid pain – and experiencing stiff movements. Aside from protecting your pet with the necessary clothing, you also need to make it a habit to wash your dog after he’s been playing in mud puddles and cold streams. A warm shower will not only keep your pooch happy – as it’s more comfortable and warms up the body – but it will also ensure best dirt removal!


Weight and diet play a significant role in joint health

Last, but not least, inactive and overweight dogs tend to develop joint mobility issues. Therefore, it’s essential to look after your pet diet. Additionally, you can also use healthy supplements that protect joint health, such as creatine and vitamin C, as part of a regular diet. Arthritis is more than a disease. It’s a life sentence of pains and mobility issues. With the appropriate care, you can protect your dog from rheumatoid disorders. The choices you make in terms of comfort, temperature management, and diet can make a great deal of difference!
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