Invite Only! How To Keep Household Pests At Bay This Christmas

Invite Only! How To Keep Household Pests At Bay This Christmas

Christmas is a season to share good times and create memories with loved ones. While you may not mind opening up your home to friends and relatives, you’re probably not planning on extending an invitation to unwanted intruders. If you’re keen to keep pests at bay over the holidays, here are some tips to take on board.


Look out for warning signs

The trouble with pests is that they can take over your home very quickly. Many uninvited visitors like mice are prolific breeders, and they also maintain close contact with their furry friends in the local area. This means that no sooner have you spotted a few dropping or holes in the wall, you’ve got an entire family dining out in your loft on your kitchen. The best thing to do if you’re worried about pests is to keep an eye out for early warning signs. Droppings are often the first thing you notice, but you might also be able to hear scrabbling noises or spot potential entry points in skirting boards or doors. If you do see anything out of the ordinary, it’s best to take action as quickly as possible and try and nip the problem in the bud.

Seek expert advice

If you think you may have uninvited house guests, and you’re keen to fix your rodent problem as quickly as possible, contact a local pest control firm. Seeking expert help will get rid of the problem, but it will also help to prevent similar issues in the future. Pest control experts use a range of tried and tested techniques to remove pests from your home and enable you to sleep soundly and enjoy peace of mind.

Store food securely

Food is a bright, shiny beacon of temptation for rodents and other creatures, so make sure you store food safely and securely and don’t leave tasty morsels lying around. Keep on top of washing up, take the garbage out on a regular basis, and tie the top firmly, so that you don’t have animals burrowing in your trash. It’s wise to invest in Tupperware containers and sealed jars and boxes and to keep surfaces clear.

Plug entry points

If you’re on a mission to protect your home and keep pests out, the first job on your list should be to plug and cover entry points. Keep doors closed, fill in holes in the walls, and make it as difficult as possible for pests to enter your abode.


Christmas is a time when many of us invite friends and family members to drop in, raise a glass and enjoy some festive cheer. While it’s brilliant to have a house full over the holidays, what you don’t want is uninvited guests dropping in unannounced. If you’re worried about rats and mice, don’t hang around in the hope that they’ll decide to relocate to pastures new. Take action as soon as you notice potential warning signs. Call an expert, plug any gaps in walls and doors, and make sure you don’t leave food lying around.


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