Does Your Dog Have What It Takes?

Does Your Dog Have What It Takes?

Everyone who owns a dog thinks they have the best canine in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you have a trusty Labrador, a stunning schnauzer or a darling dachshund, the chances are that you believe that your dog is the smartest, the cutest or the most loyal.

The amazing thing about our canine pals is that their inherent traits are generally shared across all of the breeds. However, on occasion, there will be that special pooch that shows potential to be something else: a therapy dog, a police dog or a guide dog. It’s not unusual for owners to recognize that their pup is a little unique, only to enquire about their chance to help others. Does your dog have what it takes?

Therapy Dog

Those dogs that are relaxed, have a chilled out mood and who don’t seem to get phased by external factors may be ready to take their first steps into becoming a therapy dog. These pooches spend some time each week heading into schools, hospitals and nursing homes, to spend time with individuals who will find comfort in their presence. They welcome being stroked, enjoy spending time with kind strangers and give off a positive and happy vibe. If you spot these sorts of traits in your four legged friend, you might want to take him to a therapy dog training session to see if his persona matches the requirements of the pooch role. These canines find growling and barking a wholly alien concept and love nothing more than spreading love and contentment to those individuals who need it.

Police Dog

Most police dogs are German shepherds, spaniels or collies because of their agility and sensitive noses. With a focused and determined demeanor, these canines love nothing more than sniffing out drugs, weapons or contraband. They can locate criminals hiding from the police and remain loyal to their owners. If your spaniel is boisterous and active, perhaps a role as a police dog will focus his energies into something beneficial for the local community?

Guide Dog

Guide dogs are seen as gentle giants. Most are labradors, the gorgeous breed that will be a friend for life. These loyal mutts love nothing more than spending time with their owners. Because they are so happy in human company and they can be easily trained, they make perfect guide dogs for those people who are blind. After intense training, these pooches are allocated an owner who has little or no vision. The dog becomes their eyes, helping them navigate the outside world, protecting them from dangers like roads, intruders and hazards. Within the home, they can help locate items, navigate different layouts and help with routine chores such as washing up and laundry. A guide dog is the most special of dogs as he will give a blind person their independence back.

Welcoming a dog into your home is the most wonderful thing in the world. You never know, you might end up with one of the extra special ones.


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