A Christmas Gift for Your Pooch: 10 Ways to Treat Your Furry Best Friend

A Christmas Gift for Your Pooch: 10 Ways to Treat Your Furry Best Friend

If it is Christmas for your family, then it is Christmas for your pup too! They might not be interested in the latest PlayStation, but they might like an extra treat or two. Making your rog happy is never too difficult - you can spend some time playing and cuddling, and you can be sure to have a happy pet in the house.

However, if you have meant to do something special, this might just be a perfect time. The tips below are not costly, and they can represent the perfect present for your furry friend!

Brush Your Dog

Brushing your dog can be an excellent way to spend some time together, especially after a walk at the park or a run at the beach. However, it can also help you check your pet's fur and make sure that everything is okay.

However, the importance of brushing your dog goes much beyond this. The movement you create with the brush also helps ventilate their coat, which is necessary for it to grow healthy. Brushing also helps you get rid of old air that might be trapped among the new ones, making space for stronger and younger hair. Without this type of routine and ventilation, your dog's skin can end up being damaged and irritated.

Book an Appointment for Grooming Services

Booking professional grooming services is something that not all dog owners invest in. However, it is worth bringing your dog to a professional every once in a while! Trained grooming professionals will proceed to bathe your dog, cutting his fur, and ensuring that you can have your pooch back in the best shape.

Professional grooming might be particularly beneficial if your dog is particularly fluffy or he is suffering from certain behavioral issues. Remember that these trained professionals will know how to handle your dog and the products that work best to give them the best look.

Take Your Dog Swimming

If you are looking for a way to reconnect with your dog and strengthen your bond, consider a trip to the beach. Even a small outing can be an excellent way to see your dog enjoying his time between land and the seas. And, of course, most dogs are expert swimmers - just give them the chance to enjoy their time in the water!

Look After His Oral Health

If you strive to take care of your dog in the best way, you can't forget to look after his oral health. Like humans, dogs might suffer from different conditions that can become much more severe and pricier if not treated immediately. Speak to a professional about polishing dog's teeth and looking after their whole oral health.

Check Your Dog's Nails

Your dog's nails are also important and part of a well-groomed pooch. Make sure they are not too long and consider cutting them if they have started to look unkempt. When examining something like your dog's nails, you might take the opportunity for an overall, at-home health check of your pooch. Something so simple as a visual exam can help you identify the signs that your dog is not well before more severe symptoms appear.

Use Natural Products on the Fur

If you have been trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but the products you buy for your dog have stopped you from doing so, find alternative solutions. For example, you might decide to start using only natural products to reduce wastage and pollution. Additionally, you might opt for compostable bags and reusable accessories. With the great choice of supplies that you can find on the internet, you can pick the perfect ones for your lifestyle.

Give Him Premium Food

Your dog's nutrition plays an incredibly important part in maintaining his health and wellbeing. While it can be challenging to know what is the best type of nutrition for your pooch, you can start exploring different opportunities, starting from less-processed foods.

Owners of pets who suffer from an intolerance or allergy can find specific foods for their needs. However, if you just want to ensure that your dog gets only the best, make sure to double-check the package label before purchase.

Take Him for an Extra Walk

It truly does not take a lot to make your dog happy, and a walk might just be everything he had been dreaming of! Don't forget that the months spent indoors have been challenging for him, too, especially if you live in a town apartment with limited outdoor space. However, now that some of the lockdowns have started to be lifted, you might consider spending more time with your dog outdoors. Bring a book with you, and make sure you are geared up to stay out with your dog!

Create a Safe Place for Your Dog

Creating a safe place inside your home is always crucial, independently because your dog is an adult or a puppy. However, this Christmas might just be the perfect occasion to renovate your dog's facilities and create an even more welcoming space for them. For this, you might decide to upgrade his bed and fit in a blanket and a couple of cushions. Once your pooch is comfortable enough, it is time to dot their space with some toys!

Don't Forget to Spend Time Playing Together.

Dogs, especially during puppyhood, require a constant mental and physical stimulus. They are energy powerhouses who are ready to play, explore, run, and jump for hours. While, as owners, we are happy to spend time with them when they are puppies, the excitement sometimes disappears, making taking your dog out for a walk a repetitive task.

However, your dog still likes to spend all his time with you. Do, on your next day off work, consider going together to a park and enjoy each other's company! While it might seem simple, your dog is bound to appreciate it!

Bottom Line

Our pooches are parts of our families, our best friends, and partner of adventures. While you might have been living together for a while, it is time to remind that relationship and something nice for them. Whether you want treatment for a grooming spa day or just spend time in front of the TV brushing fur, make sure you are setting time aside for your dog this Christmas.

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