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Revealed: The Top 7 Ways To Care For Your Senior Dog

Revealed: The Top 7 Ways To Care For Your Senior Dog

It’s easy to assume that how you care for a senior dog isn’t much different to how you’d care for a younger dog or even a puppy. However, the reality is, senior dogs have constantly changing needs, and owners must learn to identify those needs to provide the best care.

You’re probably reading this today because you’ve got a senior dog in your life, and you want to ensure your four-legged friend leads a long and happy life with you in their forever home. With that in mind, here are the top seven ways to care for your senior dog:

1. Schedule Bi-Annual Vet Check-Ups

When you have a senior dog, it makes sense to schedule two vet check-ups for your canine companion every year. Doing so will ensure that any new or potential problems can get diagnosed and treated early, resulting in the best possible outcome for your dog.

Some vets also offer fixed price treatment or care options, such as for vaccinations and minor grooming services like nail clipping.

2. Check Your Dog’s Diet

As your dog ages, so too will their requirements for food. It’s worth discussing the subject with your vet, as they can recommend brands or types of food your pet should eat to ensure they aren’t missing out on any vital nutrients and vitamins.

3. Don’t Forget About Regular Exercise

As with humans, all dogs need plenty of regular exercise to keep in shape and reduce the risk of developing medical problems like heart disease.

That’s why you should have a regular exercise regime for your dog, even if it’s something as simple as going for a walk twice a day. Moreover, going outdoors each day will help to stimulate your dog’s mind and keep their mental health in good shape.

4. Be Observant

You’ll likely notice some subtle changes with your canine companion as they get older, such as stiffness in their legs or strange lumps and bumps on their body. If you notice anything new and unusual about your dog, mention it to your vet.

5. Remember To Schedule In Regular Playtime

Taking your dog for a walk is an essential part of their daily routine, but you should also spend some time playing with them as well. Dogs enjoy playtime, such as fetching balls or sticks, playing chase games, and even belly rubs!

6. Keep Your Senior Dog Well-Groomed

Just because your dog is getting older doesn’t mean you should be complacent with their grooming. It’s crucial you keep your senior dog well-groomed, whether that means regular brushing or monthly trips to a dog groomer of your choice.

7. Make Life Easier For Your Pet At Home

Last but not least, if your senior dog develops mobility problems, it makes sense to look at ways of making their life easier at home. For example, you could make access into your home easier with a ramp, or provide them a more comfortable bed to rest on.

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