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Four Tips When It Comes To Owning A Dog

Four Tips When It Comes To Owning A Dog

Owning a dog for the first time is definitely an experience that you will remember and learn from. It’s something that can be life-changing, especially when you’ve not owned a dog before or perhaps haven’t had children yet or don’t plan to. Puppies can be like babies and adult dogs can come with their own baggage. Here are four tips when it comes to owning a dog.

Have The Dog Work Around Your Schedule

Dogs are so reliant on their owners for everything. They’re reliant when it comes to food, taking them out to do their business and to be loved and showered with attention. Those last two can be a bit difficult to do sometimes when you need to go to work or have other priorities around the home. It’s important to try and incorporate the dog around your schedule, rather than having the opposite. It’s important that you are still able to get on with your normal life to the best of your ability, without it being compromised too much by having a new addition to the family. With puppies, there will be more work required, but it’s good to make sure you’ve got a routine in place from the beginning.

There’s A Service For Everything

When you’re training a dog to be house trained, there are certain things that you’re going to want to ensure happen. Taking them out at the right time to do their business is essential because if they don’t learn to poo and pee outside, they’ll do it inside. The longer they do that, the harder it becomes to train them out of it.

It’s good to know that there’s a service for everything when it comes to dogs and life in general. For example, if you don’t like dealing with poo, then there’s a poop scoop service to take advantage of. There are also doggy daycares for those with busy work lives too.

Keep Them Off Furniture Where Possible

Knowing the pecking order in the home is important and if you give your dog too much of the lead, it’s going to start pulling you along, rather than you being in control of the dog. The same goes for any type of training and leadership in the home. One way of making sure they know their place is by keeping them off the furniture where possible. If you’re not someone who wants their dog on the furniture, then this needs to be encouraged from an early age or from when they first step foot (or paw) into the home.

Be Aware Of The Dangers To Dogs

There are lots of dangers for dogs that aren’t necessarily dangerous for us. Even some of the food that we eat can be dangerous to dogs such as chocolate as a prime example. It’s important to do your research and look up what is dangerous for dogs to eat or be near. That way, you can keep them away from it at all times, or be conscious of having those poisonous and toxic things around the dog.

Use these tips to make sure you’re doing everything possible to look after your dog properly.

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