5 Signs Your Dog Isn't Doing Well

Apart from the usual behavioral problems dogs exhibit, there are some physical signs to tell when they’re not doing too good health-wise. The reason you should know about them is so that you can find a solution before it gets worse. Even though there are a myriad of signs, here are just five to start with.

  1. Inconsistent Weight

Every breed of dog comes with its required weight, and so you’d have to know the ideal weight in order to notice when something is wrong. It could be their eating habits that are causing any weight changes. Unhealthy eating habits, including overeating, can lead to obesity, which can then turn into diabetes, joint, heart, and skin issues. An underlying health problem may also cause a reduction in weight. One thing to do is get on a meal plan that suits your dog’s age, breed, and health conditions.

  1. Dull Skin

A healthy dog should have a shiny, clean coat and skin, and anything that differs from this standard, shows that something is wrong. If you notice your dog scratching, biting, or licking their skin, then there could be an irritation, fleas, or plain old allergies. Whatever the case, you should find a lasting solution, and the Nexgard Spectra Italia is one to consider with regards to ticks and fleas. You should also bath your dog often to maintain the health and shine of their coat.

  1. Lousy Breath

One health issue that dogs are prone to is tartar build-up, and it can create a pretty foul odor in your dog’s mouth. It is one cause of bigger issues like periodontitis, which affects the structures that support the tooth and cause tooth loss. Another potential reason for your dog’s rotten smell is if they have tooth decay or even oral melanoma, a form of cancer. You should keep your dog on regular appointments to the vet, so prevent them from experiencing any of these.

  1. Irregular Bladder Activity

A healthy dog should not experience any problems when it comes to the bladder. If you notice a weird color in your dog’s urine, then you have to be worried. Bright or dark urine indicates dehydration, while orange is linked to jaundice and liver disease, among others. Pink, red or cloudy urine might be because of a urinary tract infection, cancer, or trauma. In this case, visit your vet immediately for the next line of action.

  1. Foul-smelling Ears

Ear infections are not so rare in dogs and are one of the major causes of the foul smell around the area. If you do not clean your dog’s ears regularly, then you’re likely to face that challenge. Aside from the awful smell, you might notice a build-up of wax and your dog shaking its head and pawing at the ear. This is another instance where you go to the vet for treatment and relief for your pup.

As a loving pet parent, one thing you’ll always do is look out for warning signs. T helps to know what to look out for, and these five are but a few of them.

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