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Keep An Eye On Your Pets Breathing.... It Could Save Their Life!

Some Recent Advice We Received From a Vet in Our Community

Almost every day that I’m in the ER, I see a pet come to us in respiratory distress. They are struggling to get enough oxygen and need intensive care, oxygen and several days in the hospital, if it’s not too late to save their lives!



Most of the time, their pet parent is understandably frantic with worry, wondering “how could this happen? He was fine this morning!” 😢 As we work through understanding what has happened, there were almost always telltale warning signs of tragedy that were unrecognized.

 One of the best things you can do as a pet parent is to watch your dog or cat when they are sleeping, and count their breaths per minute. It is important to do this while sleeping so you can get a consistent reading and if you notice a sudden increase in rate, get them to a veterinarian ASAP!. That day or two that you get them seen and diagnosed before they are in critical condition can be the difference between life and death. ❤️

 I recommend doing this several times per week, especially if your pet is older or has been previously diagnosed with a heart murmur or another respiratory condition. It takes 30 seconds! If there is an increase above what you have previously observed as a baseline, it is time to take action. A general rule of thumb is over 30 breaths per minute, however, if you usually see 15 breaths per minute and they are now 25, that is a problem that you need to jump on. Act before it's too late!

You can use this simple free app to help make tracking easier, search for CARDALIS in the app store or the Android app store.