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How to Organize a Doggie Get-Together

 Top tips on how to plan, host and enjoy your own dog lovers meetup. Let's party, dog people.

Hosting your own dog lovers meet up is the perfect way to spend any day!

You get to meet like minded people and your pup gets to play with other doggos to their heart’s content.

These days, we’re all meeting so many dog friendly people through Instagram and Facebook, that it makes sense to take that friendship off screen. But how to do it?

Well we’ve got you covered with our top tips for planning your own dog lovers meetup. 

It’s never been easier to get your own party started… 

The Guest List

To kick things off, you first need to decide on a guest list. Obviously being a dog lovers meet up, you’re going to have humans and hounds there.

Decide how many people you can accommodate and then invite from there. If it’s your first party, the more intimate the better – to save you the stress of an overflowing guest list.

Define your invite list. Want to connect with other dog lovers in your local area? Want a breed specific get together? Want to meet your insta friends in real life? Use social media to arrange and invite like minded dog lovers and you’ve got yourself a meetup!

The Details

Once you know how many people and pups are coming, decide on a venue that can comfortably accommodate you all and make any bookings required. Make sure there’s enough space for the puppers to play, and that it’s a safe space away from major obstacles. Don’t forget to have a wet weather plan!

For food, decor, or activities keep it as low key or as stunningly styled as you want. Fun dog themed snacks, decor, photobooths and activities all make for a memorable event.

Water bowls, toilet spots, shaded areas and access for pets are all things to think about as you plan.

On the Day

Send out social media reminders closer to the event to make sure everyone is ready or have any last minute questions.

Make sure you have an emergency stash of doggy baggies and treats just in case.

Consider inviting a few attendees to arrive early to help you set up – especially if you’ve got fancy decorations or lots of food to prep.

Dress up in style! That goes for your dog too – a cute bow tie or a cool collar is the perfect ice breaker.

Don’t forget to take photos and videos – capture those memories. For more formal events consider having a designated photographer on hand.

Last but not least, have fun! These are your people. Get to know them and their pups beyond the screen – you never know it might be the start of a lifelong friendship.





Originally posted on Pretty Fluffy by Serena Faber- Nelson